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Due to increase in attributions , competences and others missions, and above all the expectations from Institutions and the public, the Audit Bench must take some challenges and draw perspectives in the short and medium term.

Regarding of the challenges, the Audit Bench must :

·       have a headquarters building that meets international standards for financial jurisdictions;

·       master the techniques and insights of State Accounts Certification through the control of general accounting, budget control, performance control and a better ownership of analytical accounting, forecasting control based on the pool of balance;

·       strenghten its operational capabilities to carry out all its missions .


The perspectives of the Audit Bench pertain to :

·       the revision of law no. 2003/005 of April 21 , 2003 aiming at alignment with the provisions of article 72 of Guideline No. 01/11-UEAC-190-CM-22 on finance laws and at granting it the status of Supreme Audit Institution;

·       making public the reports transmitted to the Parliament and the Government;

·       publishing specific decisions in the Official Gazette and in two major newspapers of wide circulation;

·       organising the monitoring of its recommendations and the publication of related results;

·       setting up the Regional Accounts Courts.