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Ensure the proper use of public money, inform citizens

Good governance and transparency in the management of public affairs require effective control by an independent institution.

Exchange forum with the Finance Committee of the National Assembly



M. YAP ABDOU – Président de la Chambre des comptes

Magistrat HH 1er groupe

Message from the President of the Audit Bench

The Republic of Cameroon has chosen to undertake a major reform of its public finance by integrating the standards of CEMAC into its positive law, and to comply with the international standards of INTOSAI in the area of public finance audit. It is in this context and at a time when significant reforms are taking shape in the financial and administrative fields of the State that the Audit Bench is legitimately reviewing its present and preparing for its future. The Audit Bench has developed its first strategic and operational plan for the period 2019-2023. This strategic plan is a thoughtful and committed response from the key players of the Audit Bench to these imperatives. It expresses the Audit Bench’s strong commitment to be an efficient institution at the service of citizens and to bring its added value to the good governance of public finance, while promoting transparency and accountability. This plan is the result of the active participation of all the forces of the Audit Bench. It has been the subject of a concerted consensus within the Audit Institution and eventually adopted during a plenary session of the Audit Bench. It will be a powerful catalyst in our efforts to meet the new requirements of the State’s financial regime, which confirms the Audit Bench in its role as a republican supreme institution for the control of public finance. I hope all of us, together with our national and foreign partners, will participate with enthusiasm and determination in the successful implementation of this plan, which will contribute to the improvement of public finance management and good governance of the State and public entities in Cameroon.

Cooperation & Partners

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